the Watson Trivia Challenge

Using advanced computing and emerging technology, IBM is building a natural language processing computer code-named Watson to compete in the game show Jeopardy.

You can take the Watson Trivia Challenge and test your wits against Watson. (NYTimes)


2 thoughts on “the Watson Trivia Challenge

  1. Thanks for letting us have a go at Watson. I beat him 27 to 19. It urged me to brag about it on Facebook and Twitter. I wouldn’t be found dead in either locale, so I’m doing it here. Thanks again.
    Come to JPO’H. We need you.

  2. Ummmm first thing in the morning….. ummm the questions had a UK slant? – Ummm, anyway, he beat me 22-16 – but I touted it nonetheless on Facebook! – and knowledge doesn’t define intellect – Ain’t that what’s that Google thang fo?

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