a new project

a new project, originally uploaded by kellypuffs.

Himself has a ’62 MG Midget that he bought when he was 15.

He fixed it up, then wrecked it.

Fixed it up again. Wrecked it again.
Update: Himself says it was only the once. Too bad. It made a better story the other way.

All before he was twenty.

He’s been lugging it around the country ever since, while it slowly oxidizes and disintegrates.

This isn’t it.

THIS would be our new ’63 Austin Healy yard car/hangar queen, which Himself purchased on eBay and ventured into the wilds of northern New Hampshire to procure.

Between the two, er, vehicles, he contends there is one complete MG/Austin Healy that I could be driving this fall.

That’s his story, and he’s sticking to it.

And for the moment, I believe him.

The neighbors are going to be so thrilled.


6 thoughts on “a new project

  1. E pluribus sweetness. Great ride when it does.

    Himself already knows this, but, for our listening audience, rip out the electrical system and replace it with almost anything else unless you like riding on the back of a tow truck’s hook.

    My car had bad springs. How bad? In the winter, I had to park it where the sunlight would reach it. During the cold night, the car would settle on top of the wheel and couldn’t move. The sun would warm the car, allowing the suspension system to rise up enough to give clearance so I could drive away.

    Former owner of a ’68 Sprite.

  2. Now that’s a challenge, but I’m confident that Himself will triumph (sorry, almost a pun). And I notice it doesn’t have wire spoke wheels which is an enormous plus. Brit wire wheels were never a huge success. Best wishes for a noble enterprise.

  3. I guess this comes under the classification of “How to spend more money than you’ll ever have and go nowhere”.
    Been there, done that, survived the wife’s wrath!

    Still, just think how much leverage you’ve got now to get all those little jobs around the house done. Want to work on the car, do (insert job here) first!

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