batten down the hatches!

hurricane-flag-smallphoto credit: (cc) mira d’oubliette

Hurricane Earl is on his way.

Well, he’s not coming to Littleton. But he’s making his way up the coast, and is set to hit the Cape/Islands tomorrow.

I’m a weather geek (can’t help it – I blame the Colonel), and am glued to every screen in the house. I’ve done my motherly duty and confirmed that none of the chicks are in harm’s way. I have all the essential supplies: cat litter, frozen burritos, and gin.

I’m also SUPER knowledgeable about hurricanes now, because only a couple of weeks ago, thanks to my renewed relationship with Netflix, I saw the stupifyingly bad Category 7: The End of the World, the sequel to the slightly-less-bad-but still-pretty-awful Category 6: Day of Destruction.

I KNOW what can happen now.

And it’s not pretty.

But it IS riveting.


3 thoughts on “batten down the hatches!

  1. Hurricane Hanna might make an appearance next year – then again That Boy says that Hurricane Hanna appears most weeks in our house lol.

    How close do they estimate that it’s going to get to Littleton?

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