Mess, explored

I have a new Keri Smith book!

Last year, about this time, the wonderful Jasmin sent me Keri’s Wreck This Journal, which I have had NO END of fun wrecking.

It’s a great creative jump-start. Open a page and follow the directions. Explore techniques and materials you’ve never tried before.

I’ve shared some of the results here on the blog, and a year later, the journal is pretty much completely wrecked.

So, I picked up “Mess – the Manual of Accidents and Mistakes”

Looking forward to more fun!

p.s. If you want to see more of my Mess and WTJ efforts, check out this photoset on flickr.

p.p.s. the various group photo pools for these books on flickr are way fun to browse through.

p.ppppppp.s. this image is currently on Flickr’s Explore(!) God knows why.


2 thoughts on “Mess, explored

  1. I am so jealous of your artistic ability!! I’m looking at your 2 books (journals?) and it makes me want to buy one and do it myself, but I know that I would start & never finish, and whatever I did would not come out nearly as cool as what you made!!

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