bang! you’re dead!

Bang! You’re dead!, originally uploaded by kellypuffs.

I’m quite pleased with myself….I’ve taught Dog a new trick.

Being the peace-loving, tree-hugging hippie-type that I am, I chose a particularly appropriate Stupid Pet Trick:

Bang! You’re dead!

When accompanied by a two-finger shooting gesture, Dog has learned to collapse in an ungainly heap and roll onto his back.

The effect, however, is somewhat marred by the fact it takes him a full 15 seconds to process the command in his tiny little pea-brain, and then to …. very… slowly,… decide to humor me by performing.

There’s also the issue that he spends fully 20 hours a day in this position in the first place.

Sometimes, the trick is to get him to stand UP. 🙂


One thought on “bang! you’re dead!

  1. Oh, I’m laughing at this…Sheila (our hyper wonderdog) was taught “bang bang” by G-mom Sue. She’ll only do it for Sue, and, as you say, there’s more latency than would be suggested by the action of shooting…which, I’m led to understand, takes effect quickly.

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