nothing is safe

Himself is casting a wary eye in my direction these days.

It’s almost 2011, which means New Year’s resolutions, and Whole New Starts, and Clean Sweeps, and Organizing and De-cluttering.


Armed with garbage bags, boxes for donations, and a steely resolve fortified by watching several episodes of TLC’s Hoarding: Buried Alive, and precipitated by a need to give the Girl back her bedroom, I have launched an all-out war on STUFF.

The local library accepts donations of books (except for textbooks and Reader’s Digest Condensed Books). That’s awesome. I have a LOT of books. I no longer need to store them at my house …. I’ll give them to the library and share with everybody! I’m keeping only those books I treasure, refer to often, and only as many as fit in the bookcase; saying bye-bye to the boxes of books in the barn.

I have an appointment with the local consignment shop to SELL items. After years of bringing stuff into the house, some of it is heading back OUT. Including furniture.

I am ruthlessly culling my arts and crafts supplies – ditching the piles and bits of partially-used sheets of decorative paper, and packaging up excess supplies for yard sale.

Knick-knacks, paddy-whacks, anything that’s not nailed down…. all fair game.

And if my determination flags, there’s always more episodes of Hoarding on the DVR.


8 thoughts on “nothing is safe

  1. Contact information for my dearest wife is coming by private mail. Perhaps you can be an inspiration? I asked for a dumpster for Christmas (and didn’t get it.).

    Maybe it’s time to get the reality show DVDs.


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