Acres of Loss

in context

One very particular loss

I prefer to remember him like this:

Robert Michael Melzer

or like this:

he looks his best with my finger up his nose


4 thoughts on “loss

  1. Darling Kelly. I’m thinking of you and sending big hugs your way.
    He looks such fun. I hope he & Ricardo are playing cards and telling jokes in heaven. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Oh Joey, I wish you were closer and we could enjoy a good howl together. 😦

    Mike was a musician too … I’m sure he and Ricardo have found each other and are organizing jam sessions! 🙂

    Giant hugs to you and all my love. xxxxx

  3. Dear Kelly – So very sorry to hear about your loss!! I was wondering why you were missing on those many calls.. then when I check your blog.. The many many people at work just doesn’t tell me anything. Sending you many hugs and thoughts your way…

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