The Book of Marvels

I wish you could feel my joy at receiving this book in the mail today.

The Colonel found it for me on t’internets… He’s been looking forever.

Richard Halliburton’s Complete Book of Marvels, circa 1941.

The Colonel introduced me to Richard and he became a fixture of my childhood. In a day when the world was a much vaster, more mysterious place, these stories fueled my gypsy spirit with adventures in far-away, exotic lands.

I used to know most of these stories by heart, almost. I’m going to enjoy re-acquainting myself with them. Catherine the Great is just going to have to wait.

Book of Marvels + the Colonel = LOVE



2 thoughts on “The Book of Marvels

  1. Bless you my Love and bless the Colonel.
    Don’t forget that ‘The little white horse’ is a very comforting read in times of trouble too.
    Sending loads of English sunny love.

  2. Speaking of which, have you seen “The Secret of Moonacre”? I just discovered this lovely film based on the book. A MUST SEE. (it’s available on Netflix streaming)

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