cupcakes make everything better

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Truer words were never written on chalkboard.

For my niece, who’s getting another set of ear tubes today.

As the Boy went through his fair share of ear tubes in his day, I think hugs and cupcakes should be the order of the day….

….for everyone!


3 thoughts on “cupcakes make everything better

  1. Hugs and cupcakes sounds like a good plan!

    My colleague’s PC has decided to die this morning so I’ve been helping him fix that while doing my own work lol.

  2. This trip over the word I see repeatedly everywhere is indeed “cupcakes”. Did they suddenly (FSVO “suddenly”)* become fashionable or something?

    * Not been over since September so “suddenly” could mean anything from just last week to months ago, from “bing we’re here” to gradual emergence.

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