things I learned from my cat, the iPad edition

I was playing Splodes one evening and Asscat was quite intrigued… intrigued enough to reach out one languid paw and then….

ZOOM! Suddenly we’re zoomed in onto a quarter of the screen.

Great. NOW look what you’ve done, cat. You are SUCH an ass.

Now I have to figure out what you did and how you did it so I can undo it …. anyone got the Official Cat Gesture Manual lying around anywhere? It looked to be a one-paw gesture of unknown variant, but I honestly couldn’t tell you if it was a swipe or a tap.

My iPad! *sob* What if it’s stuck like this FOREVER?!?

After several hours of panic, I did pull myself together enough to ask the great god Google and learned that Ass had zoomed in the display. Who knew? And I was just bitching about needing larger type. I also learned that I could easily undo his machinations with a decisive three-finger double-tap. Which I wasted no time in executing.

I hate when my cat knows more than I do.


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