The secret of the old clock

Not the beloved Nancy Drew mystery.

We’ve got our own mystery going.

So late last evening just prior to retiring, I dutifully started making the rounds, turning all the clocks in the house ahead one hour for Daylight Saving Time. We have a bit of a thing for clocks, so it’s quite the task.

I set all the clocks downstairs and the headed upstairs to finish the rest.


I stand in front of the grandmother clock, holding pride of place in its niche in the upstairs hallway. Did you know the Colonel made this clock with his own very talented hands, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, from reclaimed wood from when they were tearing down some buildings on Ft. Devens?

But NOW look at it!!!!! The minute hand has decided to go walkabout. And it must have gotten a good head start because it is nowhere to be found. The door was closed, and the minute hand is GONE.

How can it be?

I haven’t heard of a rash of minute hand thefts in the neighborhood and I don’t think the animals are smart enough …. Besides, based on my last post, it appears the cats will all alibi each other while the Wonder Dog will do his best to throw them ALL under the bus. And of course, there’s the question of motive.

Color me perplexed.


5 thoughts on “The secret of the old clock

  1. But a regulator is all that’s left…

    Ol’ Minute is thin and straight below his home.

    He got there at full gravity speed, so look lower than you think!

    Take Giant Weaponized Flashlight for a looksee!

  2. There are 2 concentric shafts – actually the hour hand shaft is a tube and the minute hand shaft is a rod running inside the hour tube. The minute hand has loosened and fallen into a crevice, maybe between the clock face and surrounding woodwork, maybe right down to the bottom of the clock. This is all rather simplistic and I don’t want to insult your intelligence because I’m sure you’ve tried all this, however, remember Sherlock Holmes’ rule about eliminating the impossible (e.g., minute hand evaporation) and then pursuing what’s left – or something like that. Use a flashlight, as recommended by Himself.

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