Love, love, love

Check out our new house phone, a Western Electric 304-something, circa 1940-something. It works. Really works. It rings – a wonderfully old-timey ring. You can use the rotary dial to dial out – with Verizon FIOS. No need for the pulse- tone converter. You can talk on it.


I love the vintage label: LOmbard 4-2982. Imagine my delight when I discovered THIS when I asked the great god Google about this and found this treasure, telling me whose number it was in 1960, in San Francisco.


Things I love:

1. Himself, for being handy and loving me.
B. Making old stuff new again and using it. Or watching himself make old stuff new again and then using it.
iii. The interwebs. God bless Al Gore.

Next: The Joy of Toast


3 thoughts on “Love, love, love

  1. Ah, remembering those giddy teenage years, tethered to the kitchen phone. For hours.

    It was SO cool when my parents got the new longer cord that allowed you to raid the fridge, AND trip your pesky little brother, all while chatting on the phone. A primitive form of multi-tasking, if you will.

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