gothic confession time


Pull up a portmanteau and gather your skirts.

As a teenager, I was a vociferous reader, making the library visit a weekly event. My interests were wide and varied, from English history to exotic travelogues, from Gone with the Wind to Alastair Maclaine novels.

One of my favorite genres was gothic fiction, both the old-school stuff and the newer gothic romances of the 1950s-70s.: Victoria Holt, Phyllis Whitney, Mary Stewart, Dorothy Eden. I devoured them all. They had it all: castles, women in long dresses, romance, suspense, and a hint (or more) of the supernatural.  Yummy.

So, yes, I was a Dark Shadows fangirl, too. Big time.

Dark Shadows was an American gothic daytime soap opera that ran from 1960-something to 1970-something. I was one of the teen-aged girls racing home from school to catch Dark Shadows at 4pm, especially after Jonathan Frid  joined the show as Barnabas Collins, the the world’s hunkiest vampire with baggage.

So, three things about Dark Shadows:

1. You can now watch the original series on Netflix streaming.  It’s dated and campy and the production values can be pretty poor. Yet we were enthralled, and, according to Wikipedia, Dark Shadows was the first ABC daytime show to win its timeslot.

B. Dark Shadows, the movie, another Tim Burton / Johnny Depp collaboration (bless their dark little hearts), opens May 11.

III. Both these things please me greatly.

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5 thoughts on “gothic confession time

  1. I didn’t realise it was based on a TV series – will go NetFlix that one (well hopefully – my trial ran out and the UK version isn’t really worth it.) Am looking forward for the film to come out.

    If you like Vampire stories you might like The Radleys by Matt Haig – it’s relatively easy to read and I read within a couple of days.

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