a visit to the specialist

“Doctor’s New Toy” Grandville, originally uploaded by lolaleeloo2.

Illustration By J.J. Grandville 1803-1847

Madam has been experiencing some unnerving symptoms lately and was referred to a neurologist.

Given the two-month wait before his first available appointment, I had PLENTY of time to convince myself that I had Parkinson’s Disease and resign myself to my fate.

After a thorough examination, the specialist assures me that I do NOT have Parkinson’s nor is anything wrong with me neurologically. Thank you and goodbye.

Whew. I’ll just go back to “walking it off”, shall I?

But, wait! This is the best part…..

Early in the exam, M. Doctor said he was going to say three words, and have me repeat them back to him now, and that he would ask me again later.

“Apple. Table. Octopus.”

“Apple. Table. Octopus.”, I parroted back promptly when asked the first time.

A couple of tests later, I realize I no longer remember those three stupid words.


Fortunately, he never asked.


7 thoughts on “a visit to the specialist

  1. I decided if I ever get asked to remember silly words that I will give the asker silly words to remember too. And I will never do serial 7’s cause I could never do them to begin with (I think I have a mental block against 7’s). Glad you are “normal” which in itself is a relative term πŸ™‚

  2. Thank God. Now all I have to worry about is what is causing your problems. My first thought is that it’s a reaction to one of your meds. Of course, I’m not a doctor, but I play one on …… never mind. I love you.

  3. When you told me you suspected the dreaded P disease I found that profoundly disturbing, so this news is very good. I lost a good friend to Parkinson’s about three years ago, and as it advanced it wasn’t pretty. Thank goodness you’re spared that.

  4. Oh, those weren’t the REAL words. But they were similarly ‘meh’ kind of words. Now if he had said 0bsequious, Purple, and Clairvoyant….. THAT I would remember.

    Bonus points if you get the reference and don’t have to google it. πŸ™‚

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