with compassion for all …. except ticks

I try very hard to live harmoniously with all creatures I come in contact with. The bunnies are free to cavort in my yard. I have chipmunks in my drain pipes, squirrels in my barn. Bats in the belfry (you KNEW that was coming).

But I fail miserably when it comes to ticks.

I hate ticks.

I’m not too fond of bugs, period, unlike the Girl, who LOVED them. She says, and it’s true, one of two fool-proof ways to get me to freak out is to come up to me with cupped hands and say “Mom! Look what I got!”

But I’ve gotten to the point where I can capture and release most bugs…. what am I saying? …. I can shriek and wail until Himself captures and releases most creatures …. house flies, spiders, etc.

But not ticks. They are EVERYWHERE now, and I don’t like it one bit.

Just found another one crawling on my grand-cabbage’s quilt that I am finishing up for the baby shower.

The word “compassion” didn’t even enter my mind.


6 thoughts on “with compassion for all …. except ticks

  1. Ticks are reincarnated war criminals so death by propane torch is appropriate. However, the equipment is not always to hand, so my golden rule is to squash them between two small stones – and wash hands as soon as possible after that. Treat clothing with permethrin. It kills ticks whereas DEET only repels.

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