Digital Detox

Digital Detox

This post appeared originally as my Think Friday entry on Notes from Rational Support, but it applies here as well…..

Read a great article in the NY Times this week about the perils of being always connected: Silicon Valley says “Step away from the device”.

As much as I love love LOVE the interconnectedness that this new technology allows us, I too find I need to unplug in order to recharge and reconnect with the real world around me. I spend the vast majority of my waking hours during the week interacting with the world via laptop, tablet and smartphone, working out loud. I could easily spend all weekend sitting in front of these devices too, so I find I need to make a conscious effort not to do so.

Like some of the others interviewed in this story, I find I need to balance this connectedness with “me” time on the weekend: family time, meditation, art, writing, playing music, and puttering. I screen my calls and enjoy the peace and quiet. Time to reflect on what I’ve learned and done over the past week. Time to breathe deep. This is made much easier by the fact that I am an introvert by nature. I’m not afraid of spending time in my own head.

Todd Henry, author of the Accidental Creative, talks about Unnecessary Creating, which is one of my favorite ways to digitally detox. Give me a coloring book and LOTS of colorful markers and I can lose myself for hours. I’ve also been teaching myself to write Tengwar, which is totally unnecessary, but so much fun. Yes, I am a geek.

Again, perspective and mindfulness are wonderful things. Don’t let yourself become uni-dimensional. Although it may be hard to believe, here is a LOT more to the world (and life) than can be found on t’interwebs.

Happy Friday! (er, Monday!)


One thought on “Digital Detox

  1. I actually have to agree. I spend most of my work day in front of a computer and then I come home and spent most of the time in front of my laptop or borrowing Chris’s iPad. Even our TV comes through a computer rather than a normal TV system (it was cheaper than Sky etc).

    It’s probably only since Saturday when I dropped my iPhone and shattered the screen and resorted to a phone that doesn’t really do anything unless its call or text, that I’ve realised how glued to my phone i am lol. I was having a very bad morning and so by that point I nearly went home and got back into bed lol. Thankfully one of my Mum’s clients is an IT Technician of sorts and can fix iPhones!! Yay! I get my iPhone back by the end of the week. Unfortunately it means I’ll probably be glued to it again. I think a no tech day could be required. I might make it house wide imposed.

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