My fruit basket of babies overfloweth

Market day again…, originally uploaded by Ani Carrington.

Big news! We have just learned that another grand-fruit is on the way! Himself’s daughter reports that we have something to look forward to in the beginning of the new year!

Whoo hoo!

A peach to go with our honeydew melon!!!! 🙂

How exciting. I NOW I need a Grandma name. All suggestions welcome.


5 thoughts on “My fruit basket of babies overfloweth

  1. I think something with Puffs at the end, like Grandma Puffs. Hearing kids say Grandma early on is so cute. My mom\’s name is Bunnie, so she is Grandma Bunnie. Our oldest daughter early on would call her Dada Bubbiddy. She was trying to say Grandma Bunnie. No clue how it came out sounding like that, but it was very sweet and we still call my mom that occasionally.

    It will be great no matter what you choose!

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