2.75 lbs of ….

2.75 lbs of timer, originally uploaded by kellypuffs.

Himself is very happy with his latest eBay find.

But what IS it, I ask?

Apparently, it’s a very VERY cool 70s-era timer.

But what is it FOR, I ask?

His words tumble over themselves in his excitement.

It’s for whatever you want it to be!

It’s turns things on, it turns things off!

You can plug things into it …. 2 things, as a matter of fact. 2 SIZEABLE things, he asserts proudly. Not a WELDER, but still….

And don’t forget the sleep timer! You can just set your tunes to play on the stereo for 2 hours as you fall asleep. How cool is THAT?

Most importantly, it’s got FLIP DIGITS!

I remain unimpressed.

But I’m happy he’s happy.


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