the home office

New job, new office.

I am now a full-time telecommuter.  As such, I needed to carve out space for a home office/studio.  And in this house, the options are endless. Or not.

The house phone is located in the breakfast room, so conference calls are taken from the breakfast room table.

As the Girl’s room has become the guest room/nursery, and the sewing room (also the dog’s room) is slowly morphing into Himself’s mad scientist laboratory, I have commandeered the back bedroom as my new home office.   It’s also the last room in the house still needing wallpaper stripping and painting, which lends it a certain “artist’s garret” appeal.
I’ve relocated several pieces of furniture from around the house and have a desk and chair for working, a rolling cart for stuff, and even created a reading nook, with an old rocker and ottoman and a Mexican chest. There’s a legacy dresser in here that needs to find another home. And yes, I get to share it with the litter box. Oh joy.

The view from my desk can’t be beat, as I look out over my backyard, teeming with rabbits, then Prouty woods.

Sadly not much of it is presentable yet, but I am quite proud of my nicely organized rolling cart.

Still transferring my books. David Kay, you should be pleased to see what made the initial cut of Must Have books. 🙂


6 thoughts on “the home office

  1. @sethrob: I hope that there are just enough business trips to prevent cabin fever. 🙂
    @Brian: I’ve moved from Rational Client Support over to a Community Strategist role in IBM Practitioner Marketing. Still get to do all the cool stuff I love: building on-line communities, social business, Hack Day, Working Outside the Inbox etc as it’s all part of the big picture…. just with more scope! 🙂

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