The calm before the storm


If you’ve been following the story on facebook, this picture was taken just moments before The Great Paint Debacle, wherein 3 out of 4 normally reasonable adults agreed that trying to obtain a handprint and footprint from a one-week old baby was A Wonderful Idea and should be attempted at once.

The Boy was and remains convinced that we’ve all gone mad. He may be right, as i am now willing to go out on a limb and declare It Can’t Be Done.

Shortly after this photo was taken, the poor boy was wrenched from Happy Newborn Baby Dreamland, slathered in blue paint and was angrily waving his tiny tightly-balled baby blue fists, smearing blue paint on anything or anyone within reach. Three of us are howling with laughter. The Boy’s head almost exploded.

Our very own Braveheart moment, or so I gather. I have actually never seen it. Violence. Ack. But it seems that blue paint played a role somehow.

Epic FAIL.

But wicked fun and one for the memory box.


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