Up, Periscope

Up, Periscope, originally uploaded by cogdogblog.

Oh, hi!

I’ve been a bit gone lately.

See, there’s the new grandbaby. And the new job. And house projects. And the new job.

Even sleep has temporarily been re-classified from “required” to “nice-to-have”.

First off, being an Oma? The BEST. So far my most important role has been to dote on him, and I so rock at that.

The new job. In September, I transitioned over from a community and collaboration role in Rational Client Support to an entirely new role in Marketing, still focused on communities, collaboration and knowledge sharing.

After 6 years in Support, I had forgotten how hard being “the new kid” is. My brain is swimming with new orgs, new faces, new names, new roles, new concepts, new three-letter acronyms, new everything.

Been working more hours than I’d like, just trying to get up to speed, and because I know the fastest way is to just power through it, and finally, I’m starting to grok it all, and the pieces are starting to fall into place for me.

I love this moment, because as the terror subsides, and knowledge grows, I get the ka-ching feeling more and more often. The more ka-chings, the more the path forward becomes clear.

So yeah, now I can come up for air and devote a second’s thought to something OTHER than finding my way around. But don’t pity me. I’m loving it all. 🙂

In other news, I’ve designed and ordered a new set of personal cards from Moo.com. I’ve gone full-size this time, instead of the mini cards.

Will post when they arrive.

Anything else been happening?


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