Live-blogging Election Night 2012


11:15pm – Nighty-night.

11:14pm – Obama wins!

11:02pm – Elizabeth Warren’s endless acceptance speech.

10:32pm – Too close to call, too early to call. Whose bright idea was it to live-blog this thing anyway?  What if it never ends? What if we stay up all night and still don’t know?  Local news cuts in for Scott Brown’s concession speech.  I’d rather not watch that, quick switch to some quality TV, Ghost Adventures.

10:15pm – Note to self: Anna Karenina, Nov 16

10:12pm – I don’t think I have enough chocolate chip cookies to get through this night.

10:07pm – More good news:  Todd Akin loses. Women win.

10:00pm – Ok, this is WAY past Cinderella’s bedtime.  Is there any way we could move this along,  hmmmm?

9:58pm – Very gracious acceptance speech by Joe Kennedy, with generous tribute to his predecessor Barney Frank. Well played, Joe.

9:50pm – New Hampshire goes for Obama,  Massachusetts joins the ranks of medical marijuana states, and best news of all, Richard Mourdock loses.

9:42pm – Elizabeth Warren wins over the Stone Cold Fox Scott Brown.

9:30pm – And Florida once again shows stunning ineptitude in elections. Polls closed at 7 and apparently there are STILL people waiting in line to vote.  By the way, New Jersey, which, I might have mentioned earlier, has been SMASHED by a hurricane still managed to conduct an election under less than ideal conditions.

9:30pm – Yay! Joseph Kennedy III wins. He’s good peeps.

9:23pm –  Breaking News reports “CNN projects Republicans to retain control of the House of Representatives”. So the possibility remains we may be right back where we started at the end of the night. Which is a dispiriting thought.

9:11pm – Fun Fact: Romney has 18 grandchildren. I have one. And he’s two months old today and the most perfect baby on the planet.

9:00pm – Ok, I get it now. Red = Romney and Blue = Obama. Got it.

8:48pm – have I mentioned that there is a 0% chance that my vote will matter in this election, according to a nifty app at the Guardian that I can’t be arsed to look up right now. That’s because I live in Massachusetts which always is reliably blue. But the Colonel lives in a battleground state, Virginia. I imagine his head is close to exploding by now.

8:42pm – Now they just are obviously trying to fill time as several states from the 8pm polls closings stubbornly remain too close to call and the next wave of poll closings comes at 9pm.   And here’s a realization …. since 8:00, I’ve not been subjected to a single political ad on television. Oh, blessed peace!
8:30pm – Ice Team Zebra, NBC? Really?  The bit with the ice rink map is nice. I now realize I’ve missed the opportunity to  craft my own coloring page. Color your Own Election Map!  Maybe there’s an app for that?

8:25pm – Back to local coverage. Well, this is where it starts to get awkward. Reporters are camped out at the campaign headquarters of the two contenders for the one Senate seat we have available , and crowds are partying in both places like it’s New Year’s Eve.   This is going to end well for only one set of revelers.

8:16pm – When did Tom Brokaw get so OLD? I guess the same time I did. And it’s not his fault, or Brian’s, but at this point, I’m watching their lips move, but all I’m hearing is “blah blah blah blah too close to call blah blah”.

8:10pm – I’ve just realized that the red light on the DVR is on ….. meaning one of my shows is being recorded! Which one is it? Maybe I’d rather watch that? Of COURSE I’d rather watch that. I’ll just sneak a peek at the commercial break.

8:08pm – Chuck Todd is very busy drawing green circles all over a Florida map dotted with red and blue.  I think he’s saying it’s close.

8:00pm – the Northeast goes Obama, the South goes Romney. No surprises there.

7:58pm – This weekend my liberal daughter called Scott Brown “a stone cold fox”. I think I agree. But that doesn’t mean I’m voting for him.

7:55pm – we’ve switched to local coverage …. the talking heads are almost apoplectic. The polls close in Massachusetts at 8!!!

7:51pm – when we are reminded that Congress returns to work in a week. How will we know?

7:45pm – gold states? I thought we had blue states or red states (and no, I can’t ever remember which is which). But Brian Williams is showing gold states, I don’t get it ……ohhhhhhhh, those are the only ones that really count. The superstates.

7:40pm –  don’t understand why the newspeople are still talking about the implications of New Jersey governor Chris Christie’s no-show at a Romney campaign stop …… what does it MEAN!?!?!?! I’ll give you a hint. His state just got smashed by a giant storm, communities destroyed, zillions without power, displaced, and in shock, yadda yadda.  He’s a little busy right now, if I had to guess…..with MORE IMPORTANT STUFF…. like governoring and helping his people, you self-absorbed twits.

7:35pm – did you know we have another storm on the way? Oh joy.

7:30pm – the feverish news coverage is in full swing. They keep warning us that we’re in for a long night, due to the close races. The thought of listening to this for several hours is already making me doubt whether I have the stomach for this attempt.  But I will try. It’s a public service really.

7:15pm – I have a massive monster headache. I think I’m allergic to politics.. A lovely start to the evening.


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