festivus for the rest of us

More feats of strength

Festivus feats of strength, originally uploaded by kellypuffs.
And the holidays have been officially launched! We celebrated an early Festivus last night too. It was AWESOME.

There were Feats of Strength, although we refrained from traditional wrestling with the head of the household, because turns out, Himself is MAGICAL with crying babies. it’s a Festivus miracle! Or not …. he’s always had that effect on me too.

I gave the kids a cool vintage coat rack I found on my consignment shop travels. Also makes a great Festivus pole.

We had leftover meatloaf and Christmas cookies. There was no alcohol.

During the Airing of Grievances, the Girl revealed that she discovered it was easier to just write up a list of the people she HADN’T disappointed last year. The Boy and I were the only ones on the list.

…. until last night.



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