crisis of faith

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Sorry I’ve been a sucky blogger.

I’m having a little crisis of faith AND I’m hating on EVERYTHING these days, which makes it difficult to produce the kind of light-hearted (*snort*, I first wrote that as “light-headed”) drivel one has come to expect here.

And I HATE writing crankypants posts, because they live on forever, and where in reality, none of this stuff is earth-shattering or even important, and though I’ll feel better probably as SOON as I hit the “publish” button and get it out, it leaves a whole different impression here, but there it is.

I’m hating on my “art”, my writing, even my beloved web 2.0 crap, which seems to have been taken over by hordes of folks trying to sell me THEIR crap.

“Social networking” has become “Social media”, which has become “social media marketing”.

It’s not about connecting with people anymore, it’s about connecting with people so we can sell them shit they don’t need… like, say, social media expertise.

I’m hating on folks ruining crap for everyone else.

Just for example, hypothetically, if the town’s firemen are kind enough to flood an area of the town park for your ice skating pleasure, for FREE, that does NOT give you the right to complain that it’s not GOOD enough, and demand MORE amenities. FOR FREE.

What the hell, people?!? Whatever happened to saying “Wow, thanks a lot! That’s saved me a lot of trouble … let me help!” Talk to the Colonel. He put in hours of sweat equity when I was younger helping to maintain a community rink in a town park parking lot so that we kids would have a place to skate and play hockey.

Art-wise, I’m in desperate need of inspiration. I’m in the creative doldrum these days, and even when I produce something, ANYTHING, like a crappy drawing in ball-point pen in a notebook, it’s like “eh”.

I’m tired and cranky, and the only place I’m kicking ass these days is at work.

I need a double dose of vitamins, and an extra shot of creative energy, and then maybe I can take the crankypants off and get back to rocking and rolling.

How have YOU guys been?

a new england summer

It’s the 3945th day of rain.

A church in Medway got struck by lightning. today featured an article “How to Build an Ark”.

The north forty is doing a passable imitation of Walden Pond.

It’s cold and it’s damp. Everything FEELS damp. Magazines and book pages are curling up.

We huddle in our home, wearing sweatshirts and heavy socks. We’re NOT turning on the heat, are you INSANE?!?! IT’S JULY!!! However, if we had a wood stove or a fireplace, it would be roaring, baby.

Our local grocery store remodeled a few years ago, and put in a fancy lounge area with a gas fireplace. It was going when we shopped yesterday, and I will admit to standing with my back to the fire for a few glorious minutes while HImself picked up the 500th issue of Mad magazine.

Outside? Is there an “outside”?

The dog goes “outside” regularly, and comes back all soaked and smelly.

I’m not warming to the idea, myself.

It’s the start of the 4th of July weekend, one of my favorite holidays in the year (legacy of being an Army brat, I guess), and it’s not looking good for parades, backyard barbecues and fireworks.

They aren’t forecasting sunshine til SUNday.

If I weren’t so waterlogged, I’d appreciate that more.