Hack Day visual aids

Whilst browsing flickr’s Creative Commons-licensed photos for some visual aids for my next innovation project, I found these WONDERFUL photos by flickr user nigelpepper.

The spirit of Hack Day!

Thanks, Nigel!

Innovation Accelerator 2008, originally uploaded by nigelpepper.

IBM’s hackday*6

Well, today was IBM’s 6th Hackday event. Since I first wrote about Yahoo’s Hack Day events first here and then on my internal blog in June 2006 and wondered if IBM could do the same, some of the neatest people I know in IBM have banded together and organized 6 (count ’em, SIX) grass-roots Hack Day events in 3 years, each one bigger than the last. And it is by far one of the coolest things I’ve ever been fortunate enough to be involved with.

It started in IBM’s internal blogosphere, where I first “met” so many wonderful people I would have never have had the opportunity of interacting with in just the “day job”. Folks from all parts of the IBM business: hardware, software and services; and all over the globe. People who share a common passion for web 2.0 and all things new and shiny. And boy, are these people wicked smaht. And they like to innovate. Shake things up. Push the envelope.

So we did. 🙂

In two weeks, in a totally spontaneous outpouring of innovation, we had our first Hack Day. We didn’t ask permission. We didn’t form a working group to explore the idea of attempting to try to maybe put on a Hack Day if they let us. We spread the word virally, over Blog Central. We cobbled together a rudimentary registration site. And we had hackers from all over the globe. It was GREAT fun..

And today was hackday*6. Robi and Rooney pulled together another wonderful Hack Day, organizing a ragtag (hi, Karl!) band of volunteers that grows larger every year. We had more local events than ever before, in North America, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Denmark, Holland, Hursley (UK), Ireland, Germany, india, yes, and I’m SURE I’ve missed a few.

Thank you to EVERYONE who took time out of their busy schedules to help make Hack Day a reality.

Honestly, you people rock. Thanks for letting me play. 🙂

Pictures from IBM’s hackdays all over the globe can be found on Flickr.

For more on Hack Day, feel free to browse the Hack Day archive. It’s great bathroom reading. 🙂

I’m a rambling man


Mix up a bunch of super famous internet memes, some brainy academics, a big audience, dump them in Cambridge, MA and you’ve got ROFLCon.

The conference is slated for April 25th and 26th of 2008.

It’s a group dissection of internet culture. What makes it work, why it works, how it works. We’ll talk about where internet culture has been and where we think it’s going.

Then, there’ll be parties. A music show, with memes performing their work live. And then a big blowout party at the end, with everyone dancing and rocking out.

Needless to say, this might be the most important gathering since the fall of the tower of Babel.

I am SO there. Well, probably not for the dancing.

David Weinberger, author of The Cluetrain Manifesto, will be there too. And the peeps behind XKCD, lolcats, HomestarRunner, and Worth1000.

April’s turning out to be a VERY busy month, as I’m also heading to the IBM Web 2.0 Summit April 15-17. Hackday is hosting a Birds of a Feather session. Luis will be there! And J-F!

And I see from dopplr that Ferdy will be at RSDC in June.