hacking themselves up a minivan…

photo courtesy of Ben Hardill

… or a SLorpedo.

While I spent a recuperative weekend at home, cutting and pasting and drooling, the cool kids were off at the BBC/Yahoo! Hack Day event in London.

Sounds like Andy, Ben and James had a great time, in spite of lightning strikes and technology glitches, while being the face of IBM to an adoring public.

Andy has the story of the Hack Day weekend, and the hack they built. Ben has pictures.

I’m just about over being jealous.

Just about.

BBC/Yahoo London Hack Day

If you are going to be at the joint BBC/Yahoo Hack Day in London this weekend, be sure to look for our very own Andy Piper, Ben Hardill and James Taylor who will be representing IBM at this event.

I express-mailed some left-over Hack Day 2 stickers to James, so get yours before they run out! It’ll be a collector’s item one day.

I’m not jealous, I’m not jealous….