2.75 lbs of ….

2.75 lbs of timer, originally uploaded by kellypuffs.

Himself is very happy with his latest eBay find.

But what IS it, I ask?

Apparently, it’s a very VERY cool 70s-era timer.

But what is it FOR, I ask?

His words tumble over themselves in his excitement.

It’s for whatever you want it to be!

It’s turns things on, it turns things off!

You can plug things into it …. 2 things, as a matter of fact. 2 SIZEABLE things, he asserts proudly. Not a WELDER, but still….

And don’t forget the sleep timer! You can just set your tunes to play on the stereo for 2 hours as you fall asleep. How cool is THAT?

Most importantly, it’s got FLIP DIGITS!

I remain unimpressed.

But I’m happy he’s happy.

it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye

Himself informed me this afternoon, in a very grumbly sort of voice, that several bird nests were now gracing the eaves of our back porch.

I, as you might imagine, was ecstatic, falling all over myself on my way to grab the camera. I’m thinking oh, cute little birdlets starting their families, sharing the moment with us. Tuning us in just a little closer to the natural rhythms of the seasons, yadda, yadda.

Himself has a different outlook on the situation. Featured prominently in his version are territorial, over-protective parental units, maniacal chirping, swooping, and eye-pecking.

We’ll probably never be able to use the back porch again.

I blame Alfred Hitchcock.