la plus ça change….

ImageI’ve got a new job!

I’ve started a new role as Community Strategist, Practitioner Marketing, which, really, is just a fancy way to say I get to do a lot more of the fun collaboration, knowledge-sharing, bridge-building, community, working out loud AND outside the inbox hippie 2.0 stuff that warms my geeky little heart.

The best part? I still get to work with many of the same wicked smaht and social peeps I’ve been working with all along, just in a different capacity.

What’s changing?

  • I’ve said my goodbyes over at Notes from Rational Support, the dW blog I started back in 2009.  It’s been so exciting watching it grow over the years.
  • I’ll probably be working from home a lot more as my team is distributed all over. I’ve started carving out a new home office space, and once it’s staged appropriately, I’ll post a pic. The amenities are different at the home office…. no cafeteria or Starbucks, but I do have the constant company of several cats and a large dog.
  • There might be more business travel in my future …. a development I would welcome.
  • I’ll probably need to augment my business wardrobe, as I’d venture a guess that my Fail Whale t-shirt and Vans will NOT be appropriate for all occasions. Hoping I don’t require a suit.  I don’t think they make them in lime green with sparkly stuff on them.

I’ll post more as I get my sea-legs under me….. in the meantime, I’ll be learning a whole new set of IBM 3-letter acronyms!

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