in which I brag up the IBM Support Portal

And in a rare convergence of work-related news HERE, I am thrilled to report that the IBM Support Portal was named one of ASP’s Top Ten Best Web Support Sites.

HUGE kudos due to the folks who’ve worked tirelessly to bring the new IBM Support Portal to fruition (including @rationalwebguy), and to everyone in IBM Technical Support, whose dedication to client success and knowledge-sharing has created an electronic support experience to be proud of.

May I just say….


there goes the (developerWorks) neighborhood


16. Pleased to announce the launching of my newest adventure, my very own developerWorks blog:

Notes from Rational Support

Not strictly “mine”, but mine enough. A place to discuss the nifty work stuff. Stuff happening in IBM, in Rational, in Rational Client Support, especially. Like Telelogic.

Go. Read. Comment. Bookmark. Subscribe. Link. Slavishly follow. Write gushing letters of appreciation. CC my boss.

And yes, this counts as #16.

Even though I would have told you anyway.