RTP Rational User Group Meeting Tonight!

And boy, are you in for a treat! Our very own Ying Chen, eSupport and IBM Support Assistant goddess, will be presenting to the Raleigh Rational User Group:

IBM Rational Support – Where and How to get the help you need!

Date: Oct 27th, 2008
Time: 6:00PM – 8:00PM
Location: ***NOTE NEW LOCATION!!*** IBM Employee Activity and Fitness Center Building 400 Cornwallis Drive, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

Presentation Abstract:
Software support is one of the last things on anyone’s mind when using IBM Rational products. This presentation is an introduction to what IBM Rational support offers as well as the readily available resources and tools that clients can leverage to find answers to questions.

Speaker Bio:
Ying Chen joined IBM in 1999 starting as a software developer for the VisualAge Generator then as part of the Rational Application Developer development team.

She has recently joined the Rational Client Support (RCS) team in the role of IBM Support Assistant (ISA) Developer for the Rational brand, working with the RCS delivery team and serviceability architect to extend the capabilities of ISA for our clients.

Ying rocks. Go see her. And say hi for me.

Top Rational FAQ Links by Product

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted a work-related blog post on this blog. You can be forgiven for thinking that I’m just a bubble-headed idiot with a stoopid dog and a penchant for sparkly things, but I’m also a bubble-headed idiot with a job that I love and don’t talk about NEARLY enough. IBM. Rational. Client Support. Knowledge Management. eSupport. Knowledge-Centered Support. Web. Content. Hack Day.

So, anyway…

Here’s a little exciting tidbit for you IBM Rational fans out there.

One of the neat little things we do every quarter in Rational Client Support is to pull together and publish information on what content for each product has been identified by clients and support through closed problem tickets over the past 90 days as the most useful technotes in solving problems or answering questions.

The Top Rational FAQ Links by Product has been published for the third quarter, and can be found here.

Ooooh! Aaah! Shiny!

If you are a Rational client, and are interested, check it out. Tell us what you think. Use the Rate this Page section to tell us how useful you found it.

Thanks! And here’s a poll to find out if you want to hear about more work stuff here on this blog, and prefer the standard drivel. 🙂

RSDC08 community content

I went out to the developerWorks community space for the Rational Software Developers Conference and found THIS:

Community content on RSDC08 is being harvested for consumption … flickr, twitter and blogs… and I like to think I helped. (In fact, I created and promoted the twitter hashtag for #rsdc, if I may indulge in a moment of shameless self-promotion.)

I’ve been beating the web 2.0 drum for a WHILE now … and it’s SO nice to see it get some traction.


knowledge-centered support, baby!

For the next three days, I’ll be in a KCS workshop.

From http://www.serviceinnovation.org/:

Knowledge-Centered Support is a knowledge management strategy for service and support organizations. It defines a set of principles and practices that enable organizations to improve service levels to customers, gain operational efficiencies, and increase the organization’s value to their company.

Rational Client Support started implementing KCS best practices a couple of years ago, before I joined the organization, and we’ve already seen the power of building up a robust, reusable knowledge base. Being able to “capture the solutions generated by the customer support process, and make them available for reuse throughout the support organization” is a win for both the company and its customers.

I’m looking forward to learning more!