off to see the wizard!

ONE of the many reasons I’ve been rather silent here lately is the upcoming Rational Software Conference in Orlando, Florida.

Yours truly will be live-blogging, live-twittering, and taking photos of all the festivities … the food, the fashion, the gossip, and, oh yeah, maybe some technical, geeky stuff too.

You can follow all the action at my developerWorks blog on Notes from Rational Support.

Also I’ll be live-tweeting, mostly from my @RationalSupport twitter account.

Check out all the photos on our Flickr pool.

Geekishly excited about The Mythbusters keynote on Wednesday morning, and the “special event” this year will be at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. I don’t know what the Big Rides are there, but you can COUNT on me finding them.

I’m flying down tomorrow and will return on Thursday.

oh, and check out this year’s Limited Edition, sure-to-become-a-collector’s-item, Rational Support moo cards:

All together now…

Ooooooooh! Aaaaaaaaah!