rap up -the details

Speaker: Buell Duncan, General Manager, IBM Rational ISV and Developer Relations

He spoke to us about taking what we learned this week and applying it, using some of the programs and tools that Rational has in place to support developers all-year long):

alphaWorks (one of my personal favorites)
PartnerWorld Industry Networks

He talked about the Rational conferences occurring all over the globe, including one in Siberia in July (there’s another one in January, if you are so inclined).

They wrapped it up with drawing giveaways and finally a video montage of the week.

please, please, PLEASE

The conference is almost over, but not so this blog. I have talked to a number of folks that were here and asked them to email me a trip report/conference review of their impressions of this event, which I hope to be posted over the next week or so (or once they’ve recovered).

And now I need your input. This blog was an experiment. I wanted to put something together that would give folks a flavor of the conference – a sort-of photo-blog/color commentary thing.

It wasn’t marketing, it wasn’t technical, it was woman-on-the-street.

I need to know now if you found it useful, interesting, entertaining, informative, of value and/or worth repeating, or if it was complete dreck and an utter waste of bandwidth.

So, please, please, please, if you’ve been following this blog (and the number of hits a day suggests that you are), can you comment back and let me know?


p.s. “ratlbummer”, aka “red rose”, you don’t need to comment. I’ve already got you down as 1 vote for “total waste of bandwidth”.