Presenting …. the grandfromage

Paxton Bennett, 7lb 14oz, practically perfect in every way, born this evening Sep 6 at 8:30pm, having required all sorts of convincing to vacate the premises. Reports are that there is a shock of strawberry blond hair under that cap, and check out that million-mile gaze and little frown.

Oh, Paxton. You’ve stolen my heart already.

I can’t wait to meet you tomorrow! 🙂

para mi mamá

My Mother’s Day card from the boy:


Con el pasar de los años

vivimos nuevas experiencias

y aprendemos a ver la vida

con una perspectiva diferente.

Por eso, ahora que ya he crecido,

te valoro de una forma

muy especial, Mamá,

y no tengo duda alguna

que desde mi niñez

he tenido la dicha

del tener el cariño

de la mejor madre del mundo.


Tengo los gatos en mi pantalones.


With the passing of the years we live new experiences and learn to see life from a different perspective. So now that I’ve grown, I value you a very special mom. and I have no doubt that from my childhood I have been fortunate to have the affection of the best mother in the world.

I have cats in my pants.


The Girl and I are off on a new adventure today, exploring uncharted territory.

We’re a little nervous, but we are intrepid and fearless, even in the face of daunting, exotic new experiences, and therefore we will set forth boldly and see what this new adventure brings us.

We’re going to the bridal shop!

Not for US, silly … but as part of the entourage accompanying the Boy’s future bride, as she shops for a wedding dress.

Despite having 3 separate chances, I have never personally engaged in this particular ritual.

I JUST learned last night from the Boy that there is a even a reality show on TV now called “Say Yes to the Dress” devoted to this particular adventure. Who knew?

Then I learned from Major Mom that there can be many rules about this sort of thing … for example, as Mother of Groom, I select the color of my dress last.

I’ve seen Four Weddings and a Funeral several times. Hats seem to feature prominently.

And painful shoes.

I am sure to get it wrong. Not out of spite, just out of ignorance.

I need a book.

Or my friends on t’internets. You’ve got several months to ensure I don’t embarrass the Boy.

Help a sister out … what are the rules for this Mother of the Groom thing?

Thanks in advance.