The Girl: Book Thief and Stylist Extraordinaire

2nd generation silliness, originally uploaded by kellypuffs.

Yes, this Girl. Who has grown up to be a a real-life accountant in a big firm, who now owns a more professional wardrobe than I; with 5 suits and untold pairs of shoes.

Working in software development and support for my entire career, wardrobe was never a big issue for me. I could wear jeans or saris or pretty much whatever I wanted.

Now that I’m in marketing, PJs and bunny slippers are the outfit du jour. Oh, the joys of working from home.


There will be times, FAR more often than before, when PJs and bunny slippers won’t cut it. Neither will jeans and baggy sweaters.

So, the Girl took me shopping today and she was miraculous. Thank you, thank you! I now have a couple of smashing outfits and a pair of dress shoes, and I’m pleased as punch. The Girl has ensured that I will pass, and that’s all we can ask for, really.

But about the book-stealing ….

When she arrived, she brought the mail in which included of several tempting packages. I’ve gone on a bit of a spree at, thanks to the Rory Gilmore reading challenge, and oh yes, the Colonel told me the other day that he was sending me a book he thought I would love.

The Girl was an Excellent Helper in opening the packages, if by Excellent Helper you mean hanging over you in breathless anticipation, excitedly repeating “whaddyagetwhaddyagetwhaddyaGET” and then grabbing the book out of your hands as soon as it emerges from the packaging.

That book he sent? I’ll have to wait until the Girl is done reading it.

No, no, it’s ok …. she earned it. Thanks, Girly Girl. You are the BEST.

Besides, I’ve just started Virginia Woolf’s To the LIghthouse.