lazy summer evening thoughts

  • I’m hot.
  • I love fresh corn on the cob.
  • Wish I got weeks and weeks off in the summer, like they do in Europe… Ferdy.
  • Wish I lived closer to the beach.
  • Jealous that the Girl’s been on the beach in Florida watching sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico for the last week.
  • Wicked excited that she’s coming home tomorrow.
  • One more night I can sleep in her air conditioned room. Yes, for some obscure reason, there’s a wall-mounted a/c unit in her room and the dog’s room/sewing room downstairs. Nowhere else.
  • Gotta get those dodgeball pictures to Bill
  • I wonder if there’s any Americone Dream left in the house?
  • If there’s not, am I willing to settle for Dave Matthews Band?
  • Boy, mice are stupid. Or suicidal. Why would you go into a house in summer, never mind a house with three blood-thirsty cats and a blundering oaf of a dog? Talk about your proverbial death wish.
  • Glad we saved it. Even if it was suicidal.
  • Jeez, it’s hot.

when the train rolls down the street

Every Friday night, it seems.

Around this time, almost every Friday night, we are alerted by blue police lights on the street in front of our house.

The police are blocking traffic in both directions, so that a huge oversized truck can carry a train car down the street. Traffic stops, and slowly, the train moves through town.

I’m tickled by that every single time it happens. 🙂