desperate thoughts


We are awash in dog hair.

It’s everywhere.

It’s on the rugs, it’s on the sofa, it’s on the quilts.

It’s in the air.

The vacuum sits in the living room at the ready. We don’t even bother putting it away anymore. It clashes with the decor, but what can you do?

So I’m thinking about cashing in.

I’m going to start knitting Bodie sweaters. They’ll be warm, and soft, and made with love. They’ll be all the rage. I won’t be able to keep up with demand. Celebrities will be vying to place custom orders with me.

It could work….


What’s with all the !!!s, all of a sudden?!?! Puffy1, get a grip!


1 Dear Martin, of Commentator and system z fame, has christened me with a new nickname, which still has our Andy still collapsing into fits of girlish giggles: Puffy, the Bugslayer.

Any resemblance between Kellypuffs and Miss Sarah Michelle Gellar are purely coincidental, but gratefully considered.