i have spoken

I’m back from an allegedly successful outing to the Boston KM Forum symposium on “Dark Blogs”.

I was soooooo freakin’ nervous this morning that I almost worked myself into a migraine. But once I got there, the butterflies settled, and I realized that it wasn’t such a scary thing after all to speak to this very interesting group of people on a topic near and dear to my heart – blogging.

I will admit to tweaking my slides right up to presentation time. My defense is that I was adjusting them for the audience and to address questions that came up during previous speakers’ presentations.

If anyone who was at the symposium would care to chime in with feedback, it would be gratefully accepted.

Bottom line – I loved it; hopefully my audience loved it; and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

You know how to find me.

in power point hell

I’ve been frantically working on my slide deck for my big talk tomorrow at Bentley College on “Dark Blogs” (internal blogs).

Chris Barger, IBM’s “Blogger-in-Chief” (a title I aspire to, btw), was kind enough to get me started with his slide deck that he uses for these sorts of talks, but, with all due respect, it was a very corporate slide deck. I’ve already made clear to everyone that I’m just someone who’s benefited from internal blogging, so I’ve been busy tweaking it to have a more… personal perspective.

The content of my talk isn’t a problem. I’ve got more than enough stories and enthusiasm to share for my allotted 45 minutes. It’s providing the visual aids that’s got my panties in a twist.

I’m not a Power Point Ranger, but I play one on television. 🙂

Oh no. Now I need a bio.

A speaker’s bio. Wow. That sounds so … professional.

And I am so… not professional.

Given unlimited leeway, my bio would read something like this:

Kelly Drahzal was born an annoying small child, who has honed her craft throughout the years and has always been interested in learning new and innovative ways to annoy others. She started with in-person bugging, graduated to phone and email pestering, pursued her post-graduate work in instant badgering, and now Web 2.0 and IBM’s support of internal blogging has provided her endless opportunities for growth by giving her new bleeding-edge technology with which to accost countless new people.

As mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent Kelly Drahzal, she leads an unremarkable life as an anonymous first-line QE manager in a large multinational corporation, [not-so-]quietly navigating the seas of corporate America. Except in IBM’s Blog Central, where she is fondly recalled as “that crazy, festive, dancing lady” who’s been known to be “crankypants” upon occasion.

The world is indeed flat, and Kelly is now able to spread her drivel world-wide, with a loyal global following numbering in the thousands tens.

Kelly graduated from the School of Hard Knocks (summa cum laude), and has, in the course of her career, spread her unique brand of joy and enthusiasm from the United States Air Force, General Electric, Rational Software and now to IBM.

Kelly considers herself a close personal friend of IBM Chairman Sam Palmisano, located as she is about 20 levels of management below him, and having once had coffee with the brother of Sam’s gardener’s wife.

p.s. Oh, and by the way, her Second Life avatar is a total knock-out.

How’s that?!?! 🙂