it’s a lovely corner of the earth…

scene of the flat tire, originally uploaded by kellypuffs.

… in the middle of freaking nowhere.

A remote corner of the planet, halfway between work and home.

Cows on one side, deer on the other.

I spent some quality time there today, thanks to a bad tire. A naughty tire. Or maybe the foreign object that pierced it was the naughty one. In any case, when my tire went flat, we were here.

It’s pretty.

And did I mention it was the middle of freaking nowhere?

Oh. And it was raining.

And although I’m sure I could have figured out the whole tire-changing thing if I had to, the fact remains I had never done it, I’ve never HAD to do it, I didn’t know HOW to do it, nor had I any wish to wrestle with heavy, dirty objects at this present moment in the rain.

And the mud.


And as it turned out, it was. 🙂

I sat in the car, four-ways flashing, and called Himself, who hurried on over.

While I waited, I talked to the Girl and the Boy, and twittered my plight to the world. And I met the nice man in the green wellies who owned the pastures I was looking at, and the two black dogs I often see frolicking in the fields in the early mornings as I drive by on my way to work.

I took awful blurry pictures of the hen house and the white hen’s butt in the window while Himself changed the tire in the mud and the rain – bless him.

The nice 12-year-old policeman stopped by to help too, just as Himself was turning the last lugnut (I just had to ask him what they were called).

I’m pretty mad at the tire, though.

I may never speak to it again.

spam and eggs, and spam

I hate spam.

I hate spammers.

I hate the horses they rode in on.

I’m starting to hate Akismet, for sleeping on the job and letting a bunch of spam through the past few days.

I hate having to clean up after they poop all over my blog.

If it continues, I may have to temporarily move to a comment moderation model, until the spam storm abates. So don’t panic if you don’t see your comment appear right away.