hacking themselves up a minivan…

photo courtesy of Ben Hardill

… or a SLorpedo.

While I spent a recuperative weekend at home, cutting and pasting and drooling, the cool kids were off at the BBC/Yahoo! Hack Day event in London.

Sounds like Andy, Ben and James had a great time, in spite of lightning strikes and technology glitches, while being the face of IBM to an adoring public.

Andy has the story of the Hack Day weekend, and the hack they built. Ben has pictures.

I’m just about over being jealous.

Just about.

Where are all the cool kids this weekend?

At Yahoo!’s Open Developer Hack Day starting in just 3 hours.

Yahoo is opening its Sunnyvale facility and grounds for a weekend of hacking and fun.

We’ll kick things off on Friday, September 29th with a free all-day developer workshop. Then we’ll launch a 24-hour Hack Day with a party into the wee hours, with special guests providing the soundtrack. (Details to come later, but we guarantee this won’t be your usual corporate-wedding-band leading the crowd through 2am group sing-alongs of “Brick House.”) We’ll hack through the night, keep it going through Saturday morning, and wind it all up that afternoon and evening with hacker demos, judging from a panel of luminaries, and special awards for the coolest hacks.

Can’t wait til we do something similar.